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Smorgasbord [SMOHR-guhs-bohrd] is a Scandinavian buffet meal, usually served as a celebration. The word smorgas roughly means “open sandwich” and bord means “table” in Swedish. In the 18th century a smorgasbord was used as a pre-dinner appetizer course but today it is often used to serve a whole meal.


Ice Wine: No, not the wine that the Ice Road Truckers drink. (That would be Ice Beer, I think…) This is a dessert wine made from grapes that are frozen. This means that you get less water when they are pressed, and a more concentrated sweet wine. It also means you get high acidity because the grapes are harvested young, and end up with a nice balance of acid and sweet. Most ice wines are made in Canada and Germany.

Clarifying Broth: This is the removal of solids from broth, to make a very clear base for soups, etc. Broth can be clarified using egg whites, which the particles in the broth stick to. Stiffly beaten egg whites are put on top of broth, the particles in the broth stick to the egg whites, the egg whites are skimmed off and the broth is strained, resulting in a clear broth.

Red Cooking: Chinese term for braising meat in star anise, dark soy sauce, cinnamon and rock sugar. This imparts a red color to the meats while adding flavor.

Chipotle Peppers: These are not actually a type of pepper. These are smoked, dried jalapeno peppers. Typically you’ll find these sold in adobo seasoning. These peppers are smoky and spicy, and are great with a little garlic and mayonnaise as aioli.

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