When my friend Jennifer handed me a beautiful gold-wrapped package at Christmas I was intrigued. She told me that she bought me some goodies from Emporio Rulli which is an Italian bakery in the Bay Area. I had never heard of Rulli but Jennifer raved about it and made a special trip to Larkspur with her mom to buy Christmas gifts from the shop so I was really excited to try these cookies.

You would expect that I tore open that package as soon as I had an opportunity, right? No. You see, I was the child whose Halloween candy lasted for months. I don’t eat or drink quickly because I like to savor everything. So I waited and waited to open these cookies. Finally, nearly three weeks later, I cracked it open. I figured since the cookies have been wrapped they probably weren’t stale. And they weren’t!

The cookies looked beautiful and delicious and I didn’t know which one to try first. Well, that’s not true. I immediately went for the one covered in pistachios. Yum! I’ve eaten four now and they are all so tasty. And they’re all different which is even better because I’ll get to try about 20 different types of cookies.

So, after I dug into the cookies I actually searched for the Emporio Rulli website and guess what? The owners, Gary and Jeannie Rulli, also own Ristobar, a restaurant in SF’s Marina district which I visited and wrote about almost a year ago. It’s a full-circle moment 🙂

Apparently, Gary Rulli is known for his panettone but I would be happy going back again and again for the cookies.


Emporio Rulli

464 Magnolia Avenue

Larkspur, California 94939

(415) 924-7478



2300 Chestnut St. at Scott Street in the Marina District

San Francisco, CA 94123



Emporio Rulli il Caffe (in Union Square, San Francisco)

Located On top of the Square in the Stockton & Powell Street Pavilions
At the corner of Stockton & Post & At the corner of Powell & Geary
Emporio-Rulli SFO
International Terminal and Domestic Terminal 3