This year I made a resolution to take better care of my skin. I work for a beauty company, get free products, and really have no excuse to not have flawless skin. Yet I still go to bed with makeup on and refuse to exfoliate. But this year, my kitchen is getting a facelift for sure. Not that it needs updating (it’s brand new), but it needs designing. I’m doing a few simple things to make it look more stylish, whether my husband likes it or not.

1. Adding Backsplash: I love mosaic tile backsplash. There’s something about the little squares that can be mirrored and matte and metallic that add dimension to backsplash. No chunky tiles in my house.

2. Updating Pendulum Lighting: I have pendulum lights over my kitchen island. Cool, if only they weren’t the crappy ones the builder installed. I want to modernize them and make them a talking point — and maybe coordinate with my backsplash.
3. Add some color: Any way I can. While I’d love to get multi-colored cabinets like the ones below, I could always paint a wall, add countertop decor or get some cool accent chairs for my dining room table. Either way, there’s going to be some pops of color coming up.
4. Glass cabinets: My neighbors, instead of buying new cabinets, took their existing ones and had holes cut into them, and had glass cut and set into the doors. Love this idea. Now mind, you, the dishes on display have to be somewhat presentable. I somehow have to get rid of my husband’s football mugs before this happens.

Here are some beautiful kitchens, for inspiration:

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~ Dana