Since the holidays just ended, I’m sure you have acquired some new threads (either as a gift from someone else or a gift to yourself) or need some new threads for winter. So what better time is there to go through your closet and get rid of the stuff you never wear (come on, you know you’re never going to wear that again) or the stuff that’s out of style. And make sure you add some of these items to your wardrobe:

1. A nice warm sweater. Or sweaters.

Pullover, zip-up, cardigan… I see a lot of stripes out there. I love bundling up in the cold weather and I live in sweaters and scarves.

2. Wool pants.

Especially if you don’t own a long coat. Who wants their legs to freeze in the winter? Brrr!

3. A warm coat.

Down, wool, whatever material works for you as long as it’s warm!

4. Pencil skirt.

You can still wear skirts in cold weather. Pencil skirts with tights or boots work well.

5. Boots.

My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear boots. And every year I struggle to find just the right pair (and my indecision usually leads to not buying any).

6. Hats and scarves.

Crucial for cold weather. Don’t freeze because you’re trying to look cute. I wouldn’t have survived one winter in NYC if I didn’t wear hats and scarves. And there are so many styles out there that even people who don’t think they look good in hats can find something that will flatter them.

A few ideas…

Winter Outfit #1

Winter Outfit #2

Winter Outfit #3

(click on the photos for merchandise information via my Polyvore account)