I’ve been searching for gifts for the people in my life. I’ve finished shopping for almost everyone. Even my sister’s dog got a gift. But I haven’t gotten anything for me. So I made a list of some things I’d like, and I’m sure the foodie in your life would like them too:

1. Yolka Chocolate Ornaments: You can hang these on the tree. But why would you? These cute little chocolates are meant to be eaten.

2. Bamboo Cheeseboard Set: Super cute that you can hide the tools in this board. Somehow my knives end up getting separated and go missing. I think my husband may be hiding them to prevent me from eating cheese. He doesn’t know I’d rather eat gooey cheese off my fingers than go without.

3. Tocca Candle: This beautiful candle comes with a stand reminiscent of Morocco. Elegant and sophisticated. (Maybe too sophisticated for that friend you were thinking of…)

4. Starbucks Mug Ornament: For all the coffee freaks out there. I know, I know, there are Dunkin’ Donuts ones too, but these are cooler.

5. Vosges Holiday Chocolate Collection: These chocolate truffles come in all sorts of holiday flavors, like eggnog, candy cane and plum pudding. Festive!

6. In the Cheesemonger’s Kitchen Book: See gift #2. These two would be great to pair together.

7. Brownie of the Month Subscription: A batch of blondie or chocolate brownies a month? Yes please, sign me up. An of-the-month club is always a great gift for those of us that love to eat, and love surprises.

8. Skull and Crossbones Decanter Set: A little twist on a classic decanter. I love this because it’s decorative and something you can leave out on the countertop.

9. Olive Oil Gift Sets: Good olive oil doesn’t come in the grocery store. This oil is hand selected, and is packaged in a cute, giftable box.

10. Crushed Can Vases:  These vases are a little different than your typical. Clearly you need to give these to someone with a sense of style, (Read: No Grammy) who can appreciate a little quirkiness.

Feel free to buy one (or all) of these gifts for me for the holiays.


~ Dana