‘Tis the season for holiday parties! But what to wear?

Don’t be afraid of color. For someone like me (who doesn’t like to stand out) it’s easier said than done (but I’m working in it). The holidays are also a good time to add sparkle to your outfit but still play it safe with neutral tones.

If you’re attending a work event, be careful of the hemlines and cleavage. Of course, each company has its own policies, but I would save the sexier outfits for events that don’t involve colleagues.

The biggest issue with dressing for the holidays is the weather. Wearing cute little dresses can be a horrible experience this time of year with the colder temperatures (brrr!). Wool coats, long coats, scarves and hats are sometimes necessary, depending on where you live. And we haven’t forgotten that. So we’ll be posting a follow-up on cute winter gear that you can wear while dressing up. In the meantime, to view the sources for the items listed above, as well as pricing and retail information, check out my Polyvore page here.