This skin-tight Herve Leger dress? Umm yeah, not so much.

Okay, so we all overdid it yesterday….My master plan was to have a bite of this, a taste of that. You know, how the celebrities always say: “I just came to the realization that I just need to taste the foods I love, not eat a lot of them.” To me this is code for “I chew up my food and spit it out.” And that does not work me. I killed a quarter of the dish of mac and cheese that I made, and ate what constituted 4 whole yams over like 6 small portions of candied yams. “Just a little bit”, I told myself, as I got up over and over again.

And now….I have a turkey tummy. A gobble gut. Whatever you want to call it. And it’s bad. So while looking online for new clothes to make myself feel better, I thought I’d share some of my finds with you.

Tips to Hide Your Turkey Tummy

1. Create a diversion. Like a bow. Honestly, one great thing to do is to put a big fat bow over your midsection. It hides your flaws and helps to cinch your waist.

Lace and Light Dress, Anthropologie, $258

2. Work it out with different patterns.  People get confused when they see a ton of on different patterns. Is that a gut? No, it’s a complex grouping of differing lines. Whatever. If it gets their mind off the tummy, it works in my book.

Dusky Striation Dress, Anthropologie $298

3. Create a waist for yourself. Because after all you ate yesterday, chances are that your waist isn’t too defined right now. A dress that creates a clear separation between your top and bottom halves helps to make it understood that there is an hourglass figure under there somewhere.

Hot Mulled Wine Dress, ModCloth, $24.99

4.  Contrast Colors. Breaking up the monotone colors helps to creates a visual break, so everyone isn’t focusing on all your business. Because frankly, it’s rude. And PS, your stomach isn’t so flat right now anyways, Miss stuffing and gravy.

Seriously Smitten Dress, ModCloth, $99.99


~ Dana