Mmm. Paula Deen to start her own clothing line? I had to have known it was coming. One can’t eat that much butter and biscuits and expect the waistline to remain the same. I fully expect the designs to be loaded with sequins and over the top feathers and stuff that just is a little too much. Just like her cooking. I once watched her make a lasagna sandwich. Literally a slab of lasagna in between two pieces of garlic bread.

Check out the few details that are out there here. I am sure that she’ll team up with Roses or K Mart or Ames to produce the line. (Do any of those still exist?) And she’ll probably run a buy one get one free sale for the Smithfield ham she endorses with the purchase of one of her tunics. I can not wait to see the silhouettes.

In all honesty, can’t knock a woman for getting hers. She went from a single mom to a food industry staple. Thoughts?

~ Dana