I got crazy obsessive about Gilt Groupe when it first came out, shamelessly shipping ridiculous numbers of boxes to my desk at work, pretending that they were competitive product orders. I was doing “market research”, I told my boss, stuffing dresses and shoes in my take home bags when her back was turned. It was an issue. My husband sat me down and told me that this had to stop, or we wouldn’t have enough money to pay for the wedding. I justified that the purchases were for the wedding. For the week before, for the rehearsal dinner, and for the days after the wedding, and the honeymoon. My cover was blown when I was wearing those pieces months before the wedding, out and about in NYC. I had to wean myself off of Gilt Groupe. So I discovered Gilt Taste. The same pattern seems to be repeating.

Gilt Taste has a combination of hostess gifts, food and wine and fresh meat. Yeah, the meat thing seemed a little strange to me too, but hey, what are you going to do?

Here is some cool stuff that I will probably be purchasing:

– Royal Rose Simple Syrup for Cocktails

– Discounts on Murray’s Cheese Club:

– TCHO Chocolate a day Club:

And Hostess Gifts, which I love. There is nothing like hosting a party and getting a kick-ass gift. It doesn’t happen enough. At all.

Love it!

~ Dana