So as you know, I am a professional chef stalker. Seriously. And Carla Hall is at the top of my list. I loooove her. And Mario Batali aint bad either. My mother adores Clinton Kelly, so I decided the best place to satisfy both of us when she came to visit NYC was to go to a taping of The Chew. My friend Trang, who is a major foodie and amazing designer, came with.

We started the day at 7:15AM, arriving at the studios, with dreams of glamour and being discovered by talent agents. Instead, we were outside on 67th street in heels standing on grates, watching people in cars get pissed because there was a truck blocking the street. When we entered, we were put in a huge holding room. We waited for like an hour. After 5 Joe Jonas granola bars and a million little waters, I had to go to the bathroom.

And of course while I was gone, there was a lady walking around with a clipboard, asking people if they wanted to sit at the tasting table they  have right up front. Now this was my scheme all along, to get in on this front row seating. I wanted to taste what the chefs were cooking up, because I was convinced that everything on cooking shows can’t all be that good. And plus, I wanted to be on TV! 

My mom, ever the encouraging mother, told me to go up and tell the lady I was interested. Who cared if she already had her little clip board ready? So I did. And sure enough, they picked me! I told myself that no matter what they served me — beef or not, I would eat it. I’d be grossed out, but I’d eat it.

Just a few highlights:

– Carla Hall is F-U-N-N-Y. She was dancing all over the place between segments. The hairstylist told her to chill out or her hair would come out. She didn’t stop dancing. Her personality is so genuine.

– Michael Symon’s Spicy Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup was amazing. Really, really good. It was super spicy but had really great flavor. We didn’t eat what was on the stove — a stagehand (is that the proper term? or is that only in theater?) brought it to us at the break.

– Mario Batali looks like you would expect in person. Evidenced by this hair, below. I guess when you’re rich you just don’t give a crap about your hair. You’re rich. And plus, when you’re a chef, you have to keep it tied back anyways. And you know what? I probably wouldn’t care about my hair either.

– Clinton Kelly is a sweetheart. He brought us at the tasting table crackers to go with our soup, since it was spicy. He was funny and friendly and was the only host that went directly to the audience to take pictures. Best of all, he took a pic with my mom. I told him” “You’re the only reason my mom would come with  me.” She was like “It’s true!” Great for the other hosts within earshot…

– Here are some screen shots. Don’t I look like I’m having a fabulous time? To watch the whole thing, check it out here.


~ Dana