My cousin Karen gave me this birthday gift this weekend. As you all know, I am slightly obsessed with food and new cooking techniques. So what is a perfect gift for me? Cooking clay. The thought of wrapping edible food in something that is essentially dirt got a disgusted (but expected) reaction from my husband, the germaphobe. Nothing like offending a cousin-in-law.

Supposedly the way they used to cook chicken back in the day was using clay, which keeps the air circulating, similarly to a tagine. No, you don’t put the raw chicken in the clay, but you spice it and wrap it in parchment paper before sealing it in clay.

The result is a pretty cool presentation at the table, where you crack it open.

I can only imagine the mess it makes at the table. Not sure about the cracking on the table, now that I think about it. But regardless, I can’t wait to use it. I’ll let you know how it goes!


~ Dana