People just don’t write letters any more. Blame it on the Internet, I guess. Email is so easy. But it’s so nice to get an unexpected card in the mail from a friend who just wanted to say “hi” or ask how you’re doing. I’m guilty of not sending cards and letters as often as I should and when I should. If you’ve received a birthday card from me before your actual birthday I don’t know how that happened. But it’s something I’m trying to be more diligent about (sending cards on time, heck, sending cards at all). Birthdays seem to sneak up on me. And I’m constantly remembering friends’ birthdays, on their birthday, and then forgetting to call or even send a “happy birthday” text message.

Recently, the US Postal Service announced that it was doing away with the practice of honoring only dead people with a stamp. Not only is this great for all the future honorees who will actually be able to see their image on a stamp, it’s also great for the US Postal Service. Imagine how well a Lady Gaga stamp would sell.

To help you get excited about letter-writing and hopefully encourage you to get started, I’ve collected some fun and beautiful accessories to share with you.

Personalized stationery, Japanese paper pencil set and Jonathan Adler pen and pencil set and notecards from Paper Source

MOMA Collection of note cards at Kate's Paperie

San Francisco postcards from Paper Source

"Aster" office furniture from Lilly Pulitzer Home