I am obsessed with Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. Vosges did my wedding favors. They were awesome enough to tie on my personal thank you tags to my 600 favors at no charge. Do you hear me, brides? One person in this God-forsaken industry was not trying to rip me off. They shipped my favors in dry ice in the middle of summer, and while I was panicking that my favors would be melted and people would talk about how awful my wedding was, they were just as scrumptious as the ones I tasted.

Every time I am in SOHO, I pop in and pick up something else I shouldn’t eat. Caramel topped marshmallows? Check. Red Chile Chocolate bar? Check. Their famous toffee? Check. But this last time I stumbled across a mix for caramel toffee chocolate chunk brownies. Sounded delicious. The mix was $18. They had better be damn good.

When I  unwrapped the box, I have to admit it seemed a little complicated. You start by melting a stick and a  half of butter (you year me, Paula Deen?) and adding the sugar to cook down a bit. There was even a video if you needed additional help.

The brownies cook for like an hour. Seriously. An hour. Halfway through you add in the toffee and then let it cook some more.

They were amazingly delicious. I hate brownies that are too fudgy — but these were a perfect mix between cake and fudge. There were hints of sea salt in it — really, really good. This would be an amazing hostess gift… (hint, hint..)


~ Dana