I adore Panera Bread. I remember moving to Manhattan and dealing with the realization that there were no Paneras there. Sure, there were amazing pastry shops like Financier, Payard and Tisserie, but there is nothing like a spinach and artichoke egg souffle from Panera. My husband scoffs at any place that has “bread” in the name, so needless to say, he isn’t a fan.

So now, I have an amazing excuse to eat carbs: Panera Bread’s Pink Ribbon Bagel, benefitting Breast Cancer Research. The bagel is made with cherry chips, dried cherries and cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar. Umm…delicious! So now when I am sitting on the couch, downing 2 or 3 of these, I can honestly say it’s for a good cause and tell my husband to shut it.

Don’t forget that tomorrow, Tuesday October 4th,  I will be at Luna Grill and Diner in Dupont Circle. They are donating 25% of their dinner sales to Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer each Tuesday in October. It’s an amazing cause, and a great excuse to go out to dinner. If you’re going, contact me at dana@casacheesewine.com and let me know! See you there!!

~ Dana