My friend Natascha moved back to Baton Rouge a few years ago from the Northeast. She was my partner in crime, helped my husband pick out my engagement ring, and was my alibi when I needed her (which was often). She is an amazing cook, effortlessly whipping up things like jambalaya like it was scrambled eggs. And she drinks wine. Lots of it. Basically my soul  mate in alcohol and food. When I went to visit her and the Mexican restaurant asked us if we wanted our margaritas to go, I suddenly understood why she moved back. Pure bliss.

I usually get random text messages from her about crawfish festivals, LSU football and jazz music. But one of the best pieces of information she passed along was the url to this website, Mod Cloth. Mod Cloth is totally up my alley because it’s retro vintage, and totally my style.  

They have cool vintage-y stuff for your home, like this cool cutting board, or these glasses, perfect for serving ginger beer-ade.

They also have home things and jewelry, and even funny notepads to keep track of what you’re wearing. Fortunately, I work from home, so I get dressed up a total of 2 times a week — my Tuesday night date night, and any other night of the week that I can convince my husband to take me out. I really don’t need a chart, but you may… 

And they also have clothes. A mix of vintage and new, with silhouettes that are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, or are just plain bohemian.

How cute are these?

They have a great feature that allows you to “be the buyer”, and vote on new designs that they’d sell on their site. Makes perfect sense, so they don’t have to carry inventory for something no one would buy. Smart.


~ Dana