So okay, not everyone is as excited about The Chew as I am. Clearly, the fans of ABC’s All My Children are pissed that this show is replacing the longest running soap opera in history. I never really understood soap operas — one woman is sleeping with another’s husband who the wife thought was dead but who came back and then realized he wanted to be a woman. Honestly, enough weird crap happens in NYC and in my life to keep me occupied for quite a while. So I wasn’t that upset at the cancellation. But I was SUPER excited about the show. I am Carla Hall’s biggest fan. Seriously. And who doesn’t love Mario Batali (sans those ugly orange crocs). When I saw Carla Hall at a cooking class, she said that when she showed up for the audition for The Chew, she saw her future co-host Clinton Kelly (from What Not to Wear), and was convinced she was at the wrong place, or being ambushed for a makeover. It will definitely be an interesting mix of personalities.

The show will focus on entertaining, cooking tips, recipes, and having a healthy lifestyle. I love it! All it needs is a little fashion expertise, and it’s Christina and I. It’s on daily at 1PM on ABC. Luckily now we have DVRs, so even if you’re at work you can catch the show. I remember when I planned my college class schedule around Jerry Springer…It was entertaining, no?

And guess what? I got tickets to go to a show next month!!!!!!!!  More details on that later.

Are you excited about The Chew?

~ Dana