Even though I’m always sad to see summer end, I love fall because, well, at least it isn’t winter but mostly because of the clothes I get to break out of my closet. I’m talking sweaters, knit hats, skirts with tights and boots. Fall and winter are pretty much the only seasons people are likely to see my legs at all since I only like wearing skirts with tights or stockings. Going to Catholic school means I lived in uniform skirts (yes, the plaid kind) for 12 years which must have conditioned me to not care if my legs are cold. Give me a jacket, hat and scarf and I’m fine.

Below are some of the items I’ve added to my wish list for this fall:

Hats and Scarves

Coats and Ponchos

Skirts and Corduroy

Boots and Booties


Why all the muted colors? Sigh. One theory is that it’s a side effect of my years in a Catholic school uniform. Another is that I like to blend in. But I have to force myself to buy color because whenever I’m shopping I always gravitate towards the black and gray clothes. They’re just so crisp and classic to me.


You can find links to these items on my Pinterest page.