If you’re like us you’re constantly discovering beautiful things on the Internet but have no way of saving them without bookmarking the site or (as is my habit) adding the link to a long list of links in a draft email that never gets sent. This is where Pinterest comes in. I am obsessed with this site. Imagine you’re looking at a website and you see something you like (a photo of a gorgeous sunset, a fabulous pair of shoes or a delicious looking recipe, whatever). If you are a Pinterest member, you will have a “Pin it” button on your browser tool bar. Just click the button and you will be able to “pin” the image you want to one of your style boards (virtual bulletin board). It’s kind of like being a curator of your own art exhibit and creating collections of anything you enjoy. Some of my boards are shown below…

Sample Pinterest boards

Other great features and uses of the site are:

  • The integration with other forms of social media. So if you find something on Pinterest that you like, you can “like” it on Facebook, tweet it, add it to StumbleUpon or to a web site or send a link to the pin via email.
  • The ability to follow other Pinterest members’ boards. Pinterest has identified certain members as “Tastemakers” and their boards are a good place to look for interesting content.
  • Being able to save recipes, wedding ideas, decorating inspiration or your wish list of outfits in one location.
  • The ability to search the site using just about any key word which allows you to discover all sorts of cool items that you may never come across on your own. For example…

Looking for blue shoes? Here’s the search result:

Search result for "blue shoes"

Or how about gowns?:

Search result for "gown"

Or “gorgeous kitchen”:

Search result for "gorgeous kitchen"

It can be better than performing an Internet search because the content and images have already been vetted by Pinterest members which means a lot of the filtering has been done for you. Of course, there is still plenty of uncaptured content out there (and when performing searches you have to depend on the descriptors members have used for their pins) but Pinterest is a great place to start. It’s also a great way to find new web sites that you might want to spend time exploring as well. Are any of you using Pinterest as well? Please share!

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