So as many times as I try to make myself believe it, I will never be a Lady-Who-Lunches, a Basketball Wife or a Real Housewife of whatever town. For starters, I have a job that I depend on. (Boo.) Second, I am not a former child actress or a sports star’s baby’s mom. And lastly, as much as I pray, or use up birthday wishes for it, my husband will never be a man who is cool with me spending recklessly. In reality, I am hounded for taking too long of a shower because it’s wasting water, and get the stink eye when I bring home random things from my shopping trips. But a girl can dream. IF I were a Lady-Who-Lunches and was invited to a formal dinner and could pluck my outfit off of the runway, this is what I would wear…

Zac Posen:

Elie Tahari:


Naeem Khan:


~ Dana