So as you are all aware (my husband would say “painfully aware”), we are in the midst of Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Shows. I can’t believe the first two days are done already! So far, one trend that’s coming up on the runway is color blocking. Color blocking is just what it sounds like – blocks of color in the clothing. The color palettes differed — with a lot of greens, blues and pinks (as you’d expect for spring) — but the concept was the same. No, this isn’t a new trend, but one that I wanted to call attention to because it translates to the table really easily. Just a note when applying color blocking to your own wardrobe – try to stay within the color family, and chill out with the number of differing colors. Otherwise you’ll look like a rainbow. Which could be cute. Or you could look like Punky Brewster, and your friends won’t go out with you. Up to you.

You can add blocks of color to your tabletop with a few simple purchases. The same rules for clothing apply to the table — make sure you pick a few colors and go with it. There is no reason to have six different colors in a palette. Less is more. Take it from Christina and I. You can use dishes, napkins, tablecloths and cookware to set up a color blocking theme on your own table. Here are a few things you can add:

Anthropologie Apron: This apron is not only cute as can be, but is a perfect example of color blocking. The colors are nice and spring-y, and give a little fashion to your kitchen. And let’s talk about aprons here for a second. I feel like they’re totally underutilized, partially because the regular ones make you look like you’re cooking in a potato sack. But very, very useful for making sure that your new clothes aren’t covered in flour.
Le Creuset Tagine: This tagine is for cooking, but also for serving. The contrast between the black and color gives a nice pop on the table. Set it on a blue hot plate, and voila, color blocking. Love the idea, but not sure about the tagine? Check out how to cook with it here.
Crate and Barrel Dessert Plates: I am a fan of using dishes to spice up your table. I think the contrast between the colors of your food and the dishes you serve it on make it more interesting and appetizing. I have mostly all white dishes, but I’m tired of them, really. I am in love with pink and blue color schemes right now, even though we’re going into fall, like the one below from Dooby Design Group. To pimp this out and make it more of a color blocking setting, I’d ditch the chargers, swap out the white vases for blue or pink ones, and change up the white plates for an alternating pink and blue color with the opposite color napkin. Less fancy, more modern and minimalist.

Let me know how color blocking works out for your table!

~ Dana