Hi everyone! I wanted to share my night in pictures from Fashion’s Night Out in NYC. First off, a few things that my friend Virginia and I planned on doing were a bust. Our dreams of macaroons went out the window, as Cours La Reine pop up store was closed down. Why put yourself on the FNO list if you’re planning on closing down? And the Allure/Gotham Beauty event that was supposed to be on a rooftop was cancelled. Lame. But most everything else was fun!

1. Fresh: Fresh is super cool beauty store that sells botanical based but scientific skincare, bath stuff and makeup. They use a lot of edible ingredients (in name) , and one of their best-selling products is the brown sugar body scrub. It smells so good I could seriously eat it. Anyways, Daily Candy teamed up with Fresh to do a candy “bar” in the store. Having free candy was cool. Having champagne would have been cooler. Either way, I bought my favorite Supernova Mascara. Loooove it. It’s super black and makes your lashes look super long. Looking for it locally? Try Sephora. (This is purchase #1 we will not be telling my husband about.)

2. Fish’s Eddy: Fish’s Eddy is an iconic NYC store. They have patterns and designs that exemplify NYC. Like their Brooklyn sets of sugar/creamer with the phonetic “shug-uh”  and “cream-uh” spelled out on it. Todd Oldham teamed up to do a special edition set of dishes. Love it. On FNO, they did a trivia sheet, where you looked around the store for the answers and were entered into a drawing for a coffee table book and some place settings. Brilliant way to get people walking around the store.

3. Sephora on 5th Ave: Totally random, but artist Simone Legno was painting a mural on the side of the Sephora to showcase the Tokidoki collection for Sephora. The Japanese-inspired collection includes items from fragrance to eyeliner, all with the Italian-created but Japanese-inspired characters.

4. ABC Carpet and Home: So no, they weren’t participating in FNO, but I love this place. It’s like Anthropologie exploded in there — but in a more sophisticated, curated way. Just so inspiring for home design.

5. Brooklyn Industries: I have to admit, this was not on the planned list. But we heard a DJ pumping and saw people with drinks. So we went in. The DJ was spinning old school stuff (I’m talking Bobby Brown!!), and they had a few Brooklyn vendors providing refreshments. The Brooklyn Salsa Company provided the salsa and chips, while Brooklyn Republic Vodka provided the alcohol. Yes, we used the store for their alcohol and didn’t buy anything. Oh well.

6. Random Dessert Truck: We ran into a dessert truck called “The Dessert Truck” (creative, huh?) that was set up in Union Square. As much as I wanted to buy something, I didn’t. (I mean, Nutella-filled donuts??!!) Next time you’re in NYC, check out the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. It’s exactly that. Big and gay and serving ice cream.

7. Pop in Brooklyn: Yes, I was a bit freaked out when we got off at Marcy Avenue. I had visions of Jay-Z’s drug dealing days and Oprah on park benches talking about his violent past in the projects. But I shook it off and realized I wasn’t in a rap video, Brooklyn has changed and there was shopping to be done. The boutique was super cute and had great music, champagne and cupcakes. I love shopping in Brooklyn or in Queens because you end up with pieces that no one else will have. Most of the boutiques are so small, they can only really afford to merchandise one or two of something. Totally unique.

My spoils: I bought some things, perfect for hosting a party. (Again, we will not mention this to my husband…) Now that we’re going into fall, I’m totally going to dress it up with tights and some little booties. Amazing.


~ Dana