I mentioned in a previous post that I’m all about crafting these days. I’m constantly on the hunt for crafting ideas and do-it-yourself projects. Last weekend my friend Ani and I drove down to Orange County to visit our friend Christine and her family. I thought it would be fun for all of us to work on a DiY project one afternoon so we made a trip to Michael’s for supplies. Michael’s is a great store to go to if you have no idea what you want to make but you know you want to make something. They have aisles and aisles of supplies and all sorts of fun things you never knew existed.

We discovered blank canvas totes, aprons and other items that can be personalized using paint, pens, iron-on decals and more. We decided to go with the totes. I’m guessing we spent a good hour just deciding which materials to use to decorate our totes (the pressure!). Ani has two dogs so I think it was pretty easy for her to decide on a theme. For me it was not so easy (although Ani was not at all shocked to see that I had chosen some “green”-themed decals). Christine has two young daughters so their tote design was very girly.

My materials: flower iron-on decals, “green”-themed iron-on decals, “peace”-themed ribbon, fabric glue, fabric markers and an organic cotton tote bag.

First I placed my decals on the bag just to see how I wanted to arrange them. I ironed the flower decals onto the bag and then drew stems using the fabric marker. Once all of my decals were attached, I measured and cut the “peace”-themed ribbon and used the fabric glue to attach the ribbon to the top of the bag as a border. The whole process was really easy. Ironing on the decals takes about 10 seconds for each. The most time-consuming part of the process was waiting for the glue to dry on my ribbon.

I’m planning to use my tote as a shopper but a bag like this will come in handy in so many situations. They can also make great personalized gifts for friends.

Ani’s and my finished totes…

Christine’s daughters’ totes…