While I am definitely a fan of dressing up while entertaining, I am a bigger fan of being comfortable. Seriously, rushing around a hot kitchen, sweating on a silk dress is not cute at all. It’s ridiculous actually. So I am proposing clothing that is fashionable and easy to cook in. I am totally a fan of the bohemian look, and have been told that that’s my personal style. If I had to dress head to toe in clothes from one store, it would be Anthropologie for sure. Side note: My husband was trying to tease me about all the beautiful “bohemian” girls on our recent trip to the Bahamas. I kept telling him it was “Bahamian.” He did it to annoy me the entire time. It worked.

My inspiration is Emmanuelle Chriqui, who at a recent launch party of “5 Days of War” (Whatever the hell that is about…), channeled the 70s like nobody’s business. Well, it was my business, and evidentially several fashion magazines took notice. I love this look, because it’s super easy but dressed up. I love her personal style in general, which leans towards a more beachy, effortless look on most days. But then again, when you’re that skinny and beautiful, you could put on a paper bag and look nice.

Seriously, I was in the airport last week and saw this French family. The mother was hopelessly skinny (despite her 3 kids), and was wearing what seemed like 5 shades of yellow. The outfit was ugly. If I wore it you would tell me it was ugly. But because she was so damn skinny and tall, that’s all I could think about. And I was thinking – that actually looks good.

But regardless of that, I found a few pieces that you could put together to make the outfit.

Anthropologie Blouse: $98.00

The V neck already gives you a little bit of sexy, and the sleeves stop a little above the wrist. Perfect for showing off a bracelet, or not getting in the way when using those mitten potholders.

Gap jeans: $79.95

In Gap’s most recent campaign, they’ve decided to focus on the people behind the jeans, to tell the story of where they come from. You’ll see profiles of the people who design, style and make the jeans here. They are just focusing on the denim.

I love these jeans, because they give just enough flare, but are low enough at the waist. Those mom jeans were cute and all when they were in style, but my torso was too damn short to really wear them. These jeans are a perfect compromise. Yes, I realize that the model is stick-skinny in the picture, but I tried these on, and trust me, they work even if you have a little booty.

Birdhouse Necklace: $26

Yes, $26, and it’s sterling silver. I came upon this designer at the seasonal Lucky Flea Market on Lafayette. It basically took the Brooklyn Flea vendors inside for the winter. This woman is based in the BK, and does all sorts of cute necklaces like skulls and peanuts and little headphones and these birds. I got each of my bridesmaids a different one with a charm that expressed their personality. Now that I think of it, I lost my necklace. I’m going to have to order another one.

J Crew Bracelet: $58

This bracelet is from the special edition Lulu Frost + J Crew collection. The Frosts have been involved in selling estate jewelry for years and the site describes the collection style as antique plus modern plus vintage. It’s a perfect color, and I love that it’s acrylic and still has a bit of decoration on it.

Vane Ring: $140

These two knuckle rings are badass. I LOVE these, and have been saying I’m going to get them for myself. You know, like if I ever get in a fight…at my dinner party. I just love them. One side says “VANE”, and the other says “NOTHING PROMISED”, and on the side, it says “NEW YORK”. Adds a little bit of street to your…kitchen. Whatever, if you don’t like it don’t get it. I’m going to get one. Don’t let me see you on the wrong side of the oven.

Wavy Hair

And lastly, if you want to get Emmanuelle’s wavy hair, check out this tutorial by Redken that shows you a step-by-step.