Source: Paper Source

I was looking for some supplies for paper crafts and honestly had no idea where to go in the City. So I did a quick Internet search which of course produced a list that was somewhat helpful. After doing the usual scan of Yelp results I decided to check out a store called Paper Source. Well, apparently there are two of them in San Francisco but the reviews indicated that the Marina location was “better.” So I headed over there and was excited to discover that the reviews were true.

Paper Source is so much more than paper. Yes, there is a great variety of paper designs from solid to sparkly to patterned. But what I didn’t expect to find was a variety of awesome gifts and crafting kits – almost all of which I wanted to buy – and the desire to hang out and look around the store for hours. They have those kind of kitschy items like novelties and hostess gifts such as books about food, funky totes and soap sets. I got completely sucked into this book about what your “birth color” says about your personality and love interests (my perfect mate’s birthday is either January 31, April 14th or June 16th) and finally realized the time was running out on my parking meter so I needed to hurry up and find what I went there to buy.

The staff was super friendly but not in an annoying, pesky way and I really needed help so that was great. I found what I needed and so much more. The store also provides crafting classes and I am hoping to go back for the holiday card-making class. I am really into crafting these days and trying not to go overboard with the number of projects I’m working on at one time but it is fun to see what’s out there. If any of you want to recommend cool crafting or paper supply stores in your area please share!

Paper Source

2061 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Monday-Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-6
Sunday: 11-6