I have awesome friends, yes. I already knew that. My friends have stuck with me through the most trying of times, dealt with my husband’s craziness and have remained silent while I have eaten ungodly amounts of cheese and bread and pasta. And the icing on the cake is that they bring me gifts sometimes. When my friend Jen came over last week, she brought me a box of goodies from a shop in her building in Jersey City, Smith and Chang.

Smith and Chang call themselves a general store, because they have all sorts of random things like bracelets, home goods, candles and kitchen tools. But they specialize in home decor. I knew whatever she got me was going to be good. They also have antiques as well as new pieces, a mix which I personally love. Jen picked out a vintage decanter and cordial glasses, an ode to the fact that my husband will only drink Hennessy, and I drink dessert wines. A perfect mix.

The decanter she picked out had a few knicks, of which I am sure were caused by some amazingly handsome man pouring his lady love a nightcap. The glasses were so perfectly delicate and dainty. My husband, in all his gloriousness, was like “Hey Jen, you know this is chipped?” He was of course, trying to be helpful. She was trying to explain that it was supposed to be that way. My husband’s eyes glossed over.

Anyways, the set was fabulously gorgeous, and I loved it. All of the details were perfect and we’ll definitely put it to good use. Now what to put into it? Trust me, no Hennessy will be touching this crystal.

It’s super easy to get to via the Path, New Yorkers. Check out Smith & Chang at:

232 Pavonia Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302-1739
(201) 420-0557