When deciding on a cocktail I knew I wanted to make something using ginger. I figured I wasn’t going to come up with anything that had never been created before but I still wanted to mix something that wasn’t based on a recipe I saw. So I used The Flavor Bible to come up with a short list of ingredients that combine well with ginger. Here are some of the combos listed in the book:

Ginger+chilli peppers+garlic
Ginger+cider vinegar+sugar

Since I was going for something refreshing, I focused on lemon and mint. Originally I thought I could mix in some mint ice cream (white mint ice cream, not Mint Chocolate Chip – that would be gross mixed with ginger beer) but when I added it to the ginger beer it created a yucky flavor. I also tried lemon sorbet mixed with ginger beer but I wasn’t happy with that either. So what I ended up doing was combining approximately one part ginger beer with three parts lemonade and less than one part vodka. You will have to play with the ratios to make it work for yourself – this was tasty to me. The great part is that you can easily make this a mocktail by not adding the vodka and it still tastes great.

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