For me to consider a city legit, I need it to have a kitchen store that’s really cool. I’m talking more than a Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel. I’m talking a home-grown kitchen store that proves to me that residents in the area care about food. For New York, once I visited the Broadway Panhandler and saw Chef Marcus Samuelsson doing a cooking demo in the window, I knew that as NYU/student-y as it seemed, Union Square was serious. So after looking a bit, I found this same phenomena in DC. No, not a top chef cooking in the window, but a kick-ass kitchen store where you can get anything you’re looking for, and some things you’re not. What is this place? Hill’s Kitchen. Cute play on words, since the shop is located in Capitol Hill, but also a shout out to Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and the area in New York that has fabulous food. Creative all around.

Hill’s Kitchen is a retail store that has kitchen supplies: cake stencils, spatulas, honey stirrers, pepper grinders, paella pans and more. If you are a foodie, you will love this place. I almost cried a little bit seeing how much amazing merchandise was in the store. In every nook and crannie, there were more and more things to discover.

Leah, the owner, is actually a Capitol Hill resident from birth, and her parents still live around the corner. She mentioned that she is yes, a foodie, but first a retailer. She ran a bookstore previously, and brought some of those concepts and learnings into this 3-year-old location. What she loves the most about the store, she says, is that the shop is neighborhood-centric. She said a lot of her traffic is from local residents that live in the area and love the shop.

What I thought was really cool was that Leah and the girl working the register gave me the lowdown on places I needed to visit in the area. They gave me a great perspective on the food scene in DC: acknowledging that it’s still developing, but that it has so much promise. I left with a list of 10 shops to visit, and a really positive outlook on the scene. They were so enthusiastic.

Hill’s kitchen is also the sole providers of the Capitol Dome Washington Monument Cookie Cutters. If you ever want to make cookies shaped like the White House, you can get it here as well as tools to decorate them and sugar to sprinkle on them. I asked the girls to find me the most random thing they sold in the shop. They came up with this cupcake corer. Which I happen to think it actually pretty useful, and not so random.

They also have classes, taught by local food professionals. Leah’s favorite? The knife skills class. Not a knife skills class through a recipe — this is a legit class. They also have classes on homemade pasta (which I love), Homemade Baby Food, Homemade Ice Cream and more. Check them out here.


~ Dana