Look at that swirl...

There are two super easy things I like to make for breakfast that are also healthy and delicious. If you’ve never had steel cut oatmeal you should give it a try. Most of us probably grew up eating the Quaker Oats-style oats that look flat and round. Steel-cut oatmeal looks like little tiny grains. And a little goes a long way.

Since I don’t like the idea of pouring sugar into my oatmeal, I developed a way to get the sweetness of sugar in my oatmeal another way. Bananas! I will start cooking my oatmeal and then mash up a slightly overripe banana and add it to the oatmeal when it’s almost done cooking. The bananas mix right in and add some creaminess, bulk and sugar to the oatmeal in a completely guilt-free way. I also like to add crushed walnuts and a handful of raisins to the mix as well as some lowfat milk or almond milk. It’s hearty and satisfying.

Another thing I love to eat is Greek-style yogurt. Though I love it mixed with honey, it doesn’t seem substantial enough to constitute breakfast. So I started mixing in a spoonful or two of canned pumpkin (like the kind your grandma buys at Thanksgiving to make pies) to my yogurt and honey. To that I also add cinnamon and granola. I really like the Ezekiel brand golden flax. It adds some crunch to the creaminess of the yogurt and pumpkin. Yum!