When I found out I was going to Boston for work, I knew I had to make it out to Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge. My parents used to live in the area for graduate school, and I wanted to wander around. I am a history buff, and I love the thought of all of this history around me. But back to the cheese. I found this little shop in the middle of a residential area. It was teeny, with two entrances – one for groceries and one for the cheese shop.

They sold cheese bits, which I thought was a super cute way of getting rid of what you’d normally throw away. The bits could be great in a grilled cheese, or thrown in a pot of soup for flavor. They had a Robiola Tre Latte out to try, which I thought was super cool.

They also had a ton of charcuterie, which I don’t eat, but looked good. The only annoying thing was that there was a light up sign that said “We make fresh pasta.” So when I asked about it, the guy was like “huh”? Oh, that’s old. Take your sign down, then. False advertising, especially to us pasta addicts!

Great, cute little shop in the middle of Cambridge. Definitely a winner! Check it out here:

Formaggio Kitchen Cambridge
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

~ Dana