On a recent trip to the Ferry Building Marketplace I stopped by the Honey Ridge Farms booth. The company has a variety of honeys and honey products. After sampling a few of the honeys I came across the Balsamic Honey Vinegar and had to try it. Something about the name made me think it would taste good and it did!

I was told that people often pour the honey vinegar on vanilla ice cream and I couldn’t wait to try it. Something about the combination of flavors (and the recommendation from the vendor) made me think I’d like it and I didn’t! Yuck. Unfortunately, I poured a little more on my ice cream than I should have, considering I was just testing it out. And I didn’t just give up after one taste. I tried several spoonfuls of ice cream with the honey vinegar on top and I just couldn’t get into it. You know how different parts of your tongue register different tastes? Well, when I would eat the ice cream and vinegar I would taste the sweetness of the ice cream at one point and then the vinegar at a different point and then the two would combine into a new flavor at another point. That’s when it would taste good. But it was fleeting. So I had a mixture of reactions with each bite. It wasn’t pleasant.

I decided to try some of the balsamic honey vinegar on a salad and that did the trick. A bright salad is perfect for this vinegar. Just toss it with some extra virgin olive oil and you’ll have a delicious meal. You can also drizzle some over tomatoes and mozzarella for a nice treat.