I saw this woman walking on the street today with a super cool bag. That’s part of what I love about New York – the masses mix. You end up seeing other’s personal style. And body odor, true, but still…So anyways, she had a bag that said “I love bread.” So appropriate, I thought, for me at least. On my crusade to kick my bread habit, I think this is comical. I dug around online and found a place to get it: http://www.cafepress.com/+i-love-bread+bags?page=1

I especially love the “I love Hush Puppies” bag. ‘Cause I’m from the south…And I do love hush puppies. (More on that later…)

Can I tell you a freaky sidenote? After I was searching for these bags, the next browser I opened had an ad for these bags. Crazy…