We decided to do a feature on brunch. What could be better?

Brunches are always fun because there are no “rules.” You can eat traditional breakfast foods such as eggs, pancakes, biscuits, bacon and sausage or you can eat lunch and dinner foods such as sandwiches and meats. Brunch is great for party foods like cheese plates, small bites and of course… cocktails! When else is it considered ok to drink alcohol at 11 o’clock in the morning? (Or earlier – hey, it’s 11 somewhere in the world, right?)

We aren’t big meat eaters but we wanted to combine foods that represented a variety of flavors and textures. And we also wanted it to be pretty. Not usually the girliest of girls, we decided to go with a floral and pink theme to decorate the table. Stay tuned for all of the recipes and decorating tips for this table!

~ Christina & Dana