My husband is always telling me that I don’t know how to wash dishes. We have no dishwasher in our lovely NYC apartment, and we have to wash everything by hand. My secret is that I mess up the dishwashing on purpose, so he will clean them for me. (Hey, don’t judge…) Anyway, in my house growing up, the person who cooked didn’t have to clean. Wait, now that I think about it, maybe that was something my mom made up to trick us kids into cleaning… Anyway, if there were a soap line that made me want to wash dishes, this would be it.

Daub and Bauble is a line of kitchen cleaners, soaps and lotions that are as beautiful to display as they are to smell. They  make cleaning the kitchen less, well, nasty and a little more fashionable…. The fragrances are coordinated with a pattern, so your scents and design are perfectly synced up. Not only is the packaging flawless, but the scents are interesting — Mission Fig and Thyme, Sorrento Lemon and Ginger, and more.

The label flips around so you don’t have to display the ingredient list and all that jazz. The design component is so sophisticated that your cleaning supplies don’t have to be hidden. Now if only this came with a person to clean the kitchen. That would be fabulous.

If you love a print, though, stock up! The designs change with every new reprint of the package.

Get it at: Environment 337, 56 University Place, NYC; Cummings Collection 3315 Rittenhouse Street, NW DC or online here.