I adore all things Spanish. If I thought my husband would be okay with it, I would leave him here and I’d live in Granada. I am much more of a southern Spain girl, and Galacia in the north seems like such a foreign place. Christina has lived in Spain, and she tells me I’m wrong. She says it’s lovely and one of the best places she’s been, despite the fact that she doesn’t eat seafood. But I don’t get it. Because it is so close to the sea, there are a lot of random fish parts in their cooking, but I tried to give cheeses from the Galacian region a chance, I really did.

Enter Queixo Tetilla.  This is a Galacian cow’s milk cheese that is traditional of the region. I had read about this cheese. It had a sense of humor: the name tetilla means “little breast.” It was versatile:  used in savory and sweet dishes. It was a D.O. Cheese (Denominación de Orixe). I was excited. But when I had this cheese at Bin 38 in San Francisco, I was totally underwhelmed. Kind of like when you meet someone on match.com, they have an amazing profile, and then you meet them in person, and they clearly lied about their height. Just a let down.

The cheese had absolutely no flavor at all. It was quite bland, neither salty nor nutty nor sweet. It just had a very flat flavor profile. The texture was semi-firm, pretty consistent all the way from paste to rind. Nothing special. I had to shove it down my throat with the apple butter they served with it. I was mad that I had just spent a pretty penny on a cheese plate, and was frustrated that I had wasted calories and a spot for another perfectly good cheese.

I’m feeling conflicted. Hate is such a strong word. As a cheese freak, how can I hate any cheese? But I think there’s a place and time for everything. While this cheese may be a great cooking cheese, I’m not convinced that it should be on a cheese plate.

And I could be wrong. (But I rarely am…) I asked my cheese idol, Tia Keenan about this cheese, and here’s what she says:

kasekaiserina @casacheesewine:  “Most Queixo Tetilla I’ve had has been boring & too industrial. But once I had a small batch one & it was mejor que el sexo”

So there you have it.

The Spanish food expert, Jose Andres, provides a recipe for this cheese stuffed in peppers. Check it out here. http://www.josemadeinspain.com/popUp/Eng102StuffedPeppers.htm

What do you guys think? Anyone have a different opinion?

~ Dana