I visited Sweet Cupcakery, located in Harvard Square in Boston. I was wandering around after a meeting, and ran into this cute little place.

I had (sampled, not ate the entire thing…) two cupcakes: the Organic Karat cupcake, and the Molasses Ginger cupcake.

The Organic Karat cupcake was described as a “moist carrot cake with shredded organic carrots and crushed pineapple, topped with classic cream cheese frosting and an edible gold leaf petal.”

Verdict: Sounded ambitious. But it was really good. The cupcake was on the lighter side, which was a great departure from the dense, Magnolia-esque trend that had been going on. I personally don’t love pineapple in my carrot cake, but it was okay, and added some texture. The icing was quite sweet, but still cream-cheesy. It was so sweet that I took the icing off and picked at it. But, if you’re an icing freak, they sell icing “shooters” so you can get a little extra dose if needed.

The Molasses Ginger cupcake was described as “bittersweet molasses cake frosted with fresh ginger buttercream and a crystal molasses sugar crumble.” Um. Yum! Kudos to their marketing department.

Verdict: The icing was not very gingery-y, and seemed a little too molasses-y. It was not too sweet, but had a lot of the rich flavors. The cake was a bit spicy, which I loved. Overall it was a really unique cupcake.

The only thing that was a bit annoying was that I had to have a box for the cupcake. I had to have it because I was walking around, and my cupcakes would have gotten squished. And they charged me 50 cents extra! I get that you have to make your money back, but it seemed a little cheap. My $3.25 per cupcake should have covered that damn 50 cent box.

Anyways, it was a cute spot. Definitely worth doing again!

~ Dana