I was so excited being in San Francisco, Christina’s home away from New York. It was so cute, with its bay windows. (I just realized that that’s where the term came from), nice people, and views of the water. It was great being in a place where November doesn’t necessarily mean snow and giant, shape-killing puff jackets.

We ventured out into the Nob Hill area and visited Amelie Wine Bar. It had a definite French vibe, with red accents throughout, and a French story painted on the ceiling. Something about a battle, from what I could make out. The crowd was cool and laid back (of course, we were there….). The owners were from Turkey, and the bread was super fresh, like it was baked right there.

They had some great cheeses that we tasted:
Brillat-Savarin (French, cow, double crème)
Tête de Moine (Switzerland, washed rind, stinky)
Pont-l’Évêque (French, cow, soft and creamy)

The wine was served in huge glasses, which is a good thing in my book. But my Grüner Veltliner had sediment in the bottom of the glass, which I had never experienced. The waiter told me that this happens with certain varieties of whites, like chardonnays, as an example. Not true. Sediment rarely happens in young white wines, and it certainly doesn’t happen based on the varietal. It’s based on the process and if the wine is clarified.  I appreciate a good BSer as much as the next guy, but I wanted to get New York on him and let him know that I know my wines, and that what he was saying was crap. But I didn’t want to embarrass Christina in her hometown with my New York craziness.  People in California don’t scream. Or yell. And they apologize when they bump you. It’s totally crazy…

The highlight of our night was a Ravioles du Royans. This is a Southern French cassoulet which had a combination of miniature cheese raviolis, Comté and cottage cheeses covered with béchamel sauce and baked. Seriously, Comté and béchamel are all I needed. It was slightly chewy, and really really rich.

Besides the waiter mis-information, the night was great. I’d definitely do it again.