How many of you have an organized recipe card holder? Mine used to be scraps of paper and napkins, stuffed in a drawer, until my mother straightened me out with a Christmas gift of an antique recipe card box, that used to be my great grandmother’s. I’ve been in love and organized ever since. At my bridal shower (kitchen themed, of course) I received a binder of sorts to keep my recipes organized. But I still loved the box.

So I stumbled upon a set of  by a local Brooklyn company, Moonpress, that sells their products on Etsy (the mecca of homemade goods).

Letterpress is a side obsession of mine. I love the texture, the clean lines, and just the fact that so much care has to be put into each piece. Uppity, I know, but I can’t help it!! I had my wedding invitations letterpressed, and got such rave reviews it was crazy. The printer makes a plate and actually presses the plate and the ink into the thick, buttery paper. Like a panini press in some fresh sourdough.

I LOVE my letterpress printer, Alex from Coeur Noir, who is located in Brooklyn. I knew he was cool when he admitted to being addicted to the Bedford Cheese Shop, a cheesemonger up the street from his office. Even hipsters in Williamsburg love cheese…

Anyway, these individual cards can be bought separately, or with a box from Martha Stewart’s home line. Together with the letterpress, the whole set takes on a vintage-y look for your kitchen. Definitely a thumbs up from me.