Ferry Building Marketplace

Ahh, San Francisco! While I was still living in New York, we made a pit-stop in my hometown and had a whirlwind, non-stop, jam-packed day. Dana had never been there so I wanted her to see as much as possible. And since I had moved away from home years ago, there were new(ish) sites that I had never experienced, one of which was the Ferry Building Marketplace.

Cheeses at Cowgirl Creamery

There was one shop that was a must for these cheese lovers: Cowgirl Creamery. Anything with the word “cream” in it sounds good to me and this shop did not disappoint. It was a cheese haven and bustling with patrons who knew what they wanted and those who needed a bit of advice on finding that perfect cheese. Besides cheeses, the shop also has a number of accompaniments, books, tools and other fun items. They also sell a carry-out bag of three small pre-selected cheeses that would be perfect for creating an impromptu picnic, sitting along the waterfront.

We also stopped by the Stonehouse California Olive Oil shop and tasted the garlic olive oil which was really good. We love garlic so by our standards it had a perfect level of garlickyness. The meyer lemon oil was also quite good. I don’t think I’d ever had lemon-infused olive oil but I can imagine it would taste amazing added to hummus, veggies, pasta salads and a number of other concoctions. The fun of would be playing with flavors and discovering different uses for the oils.

Another favorite was Miette. We couldn’t resist the prettiness of this shop. The pastries and candies are displayed brightly in glass cases and they almost call to you to you to buy them. Though I don’t eat it often, I love shortbread and had to try the lavender cookies. Dana had the lemon. They were delicious. I have never had a flakier, lighter shortbread in my whole life. Frankly, I didn’t know shortbread could have those qualities. Yum!

We rounded out our trip through the market by stopping at Ciao Bella. Of course this was one shop whose product wasn’t new to us: we’ve been obsessed with the sorbets, particularly the Lemon Zest and Blackberry Cabernet.

It’s easy to spend hours at the Ferry Building and leave with both a full stomach and lots of treats to save for later. We like that!