Back when I thought I might have celiac disease (long story) I was all over the Internet trying to find recipes for gluten-free baked goodies that I could try to make at home. For those who are unaware, celiac disease is an inherited digestive disease which prevents the body from processing wheat gluten. It can cause a whole host of unpleasant symptoms and many people in this country are mis-diagnosed because their symptoms mimic those of other illnesses. But it is a serious disease which can cause other problems down the road for people who continue to eat wheat gluten. Hopefully more and more people will become aware of it and more doctors will test for the disease.

*Stepping down off my soap box*

One of my favorite things to eat (which I actually don’t eat much because of the guilt I feel afterward) is pizza. I’m guessing pizza dough has to be one of the most difficult gluten-free goodies to make but I was hopeful to find something resembling the crunchy-chewiness that I am accustomed to and love. I heard that Whole Foods had a pretty good gluten-free pre-baked crust (think: gluten-free Boboli) so I decided to try it out. I bought some mozzarella, sauce and basil to round out the experience.

It all went very well in the beginning and I was pretty excited by the way it looked, assuming it would taste just as good. And I have to say, the first bite was pretty good but it went downhill after that. The more I ate it, the less I liked it. It wasn’t good and no amount of cheese, sauce and basil could make me believe otherwise. I can’t even fully describe the taste but it was so unpleasant as to be almost nauseating. I threw away the remaining pizza and the second crust that came in the package.

Of course the roommates asked me how it was (they were smart enough not to try it themselves) and I think the involuntary ready-to-upchuck look on my face said it all. Needless to mention, I wouldn’t recommend it. Of course, I was comparing the taste of this gluten-free crust to all the gluten-loaded crusts I’ve had over my lifetime. If I had never delighted in the deliciousness of “real” pizza” I may have been able to enjoy this Whole Foods crust.

If anyone has come across a gluten-free pizza crust (or a recipe for one) they really, truly enjoy we would love to hear all about it!