So this is a tricky one. Not that we follow any sort of strict etiquette nowadays, but here’s a question for you: As a guest, do you need to send a thank you card to your host after a dinner party? I don’t know about you, but there is something slightly upsetting to me about spending all day cooking and prepping to throw a fabulous party, and not receiving a thank you for the effort. Seriously, with  my husband, I’d settle for just a smile and him not passing out from too much food and alcohol by the end of the night…

The modern thank you card has been replaced by a text message. And hey, that works too. But I am a sucker for great thank you cards. I especially like these thank you cards from Etsy:

1. Hilarious. But appropriate. (Get it here.)

2. Cute, in a strange religious way. (Get it here.)

3. For some reason I love miniature kitchen tools, so I love this card. (Get it here.)

4. Adorable. (Get it here.)

Seem too formal? Then you’re an ungrateful dinner guest. Just joking. Kind of…